About the Author

Hello, I'm your blog hostess, Rebekkah Niles. You may also know me as Juturna: the name under which I began this blog in 2010, before I learned what I was doing. Let's just say I've grown since then, and I don't mean physically (at least I hope not!).

From my time as a florist.
I'm a writer, a reader, and a geek. You'll find me with my pointy fuzzball draped across my shoulders and nibbling on my hair, often with a computer, a book, or a video game system controller in hand. My adventuring party consists of me and my husband, and we frequently wander the world as unlikely heroes seeking adventure.

You'll find me talking about extra scenes and information related to my books, Doctor Who girls' nights and other forms of geekery, my tea obsession, flowers, and yes, writing. Every other Friday I post a compilation of the latest publishing industry news I've found, plus links to many of the helpful industry blogs I read regularly. I invite you to ask me questions on the subject; if I don't know, I'll try to find out, or at least provide you with links you might find helpful!

Meanwhile, don't be afraid to browse through my archives. If you're starting your own publishing journey, you might find the tale of mine helpful. I am currently writing fantasy romance and contemporary fantasy (You can find more about my first book here).

Thanks for dropping by to learn more about me!