Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quote of the Week: St. Francis, on Sunbeams

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
-St. Francis of Assisi


Wednesday Writing Exercise
Write a short scene (<300 words) based on this quote. You can:
  • describe a setting
  • describe character interaction
  • introduce a new character

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  1. Clarice turned away, staring into the soapy, muddy water filling the dark teflon pan. Bits of sodden, blackened omlette floated up.

    "I can't do this alone," Jeff said, his face cast in shadows of the ovenlight.

    Clarice sighed. "I always have." She squinted as she brushed the pan, struggling to see if she'd missed any spots.

    "I told you, I'm sorry. I didn't know-"

    "I smell eggs!" A bright voice, young and cheerful, cut through the gloom of the predawn kitchen. Blue eyes bounced around the corner. "Mommy makes the best omlettes, doesn't she? So you should stay. And we can share." Jenny grinned a ray of sunshine up at her mother. "Daddy can stay, right?"

    Claire looked into that first ray of sunlight, half an hour before dawn, and melted. "Yes, honey. Daddy can stay. At least for a day or two."

    Jeff picked his daughter up, her sunny curls hitting him in the nose. "I always wanted a little girl," he said.

    Claire didn't answer as she poured the dirty water down the drain, but something in the morning seemed suddenly lighter. Maybe this could work out, after all.