Monday, February 27, 2012

Winner of a free book!

Ten days ago, I interviewed author James Hutchings on self-publishing. Hutchings graciously offered a free copy for giveaway, and by an extremely technical random probability generator (aka, snippets of paper and a hat), we've got a winner. Congratulations to Andris Bear for winning a free copy of A New Death and Others!

Here's a snippet of what she's won:


In the beginning of the world the gods considered all those things which did not have their own gods, to decide who would have responsibility and rulership.

"I will rule all flowers that are sky-blue in colour," said the Sky-Father.

"I will listen to the prayers of migratory birds, and you all other birds," the goddess Travel said to him. And so it went.

At last all had been divided, save for one thing.

"Who," asked the Sky-Father, "shall have dominion over the poor?"

There was an awkward silence, until the Sky-Father said, "Come - someone must. Those with no gods will grow restless and cunning, and in time will cast us down, and we shall be gods no more."

"Not I," said blind Justice, and her stony face flashed a momentary smirk at the thought. "Why not Fame or Fortune?"

"Darling, I don't think so," said the sister goddesses together.

There was a long pause. The gods shuffled their feet and avoided one another's gaze. At last a voice broke the silence.

"I will," said Death.
--From The New Death and Others

Want to read more? You can find The New Death and Others, as well as Hutchings' other book Two-Fisted Tweets, on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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