Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Writing Exercise: Everyday Battles

Every day has struggles. Some are bigger than others, but today, let's focus on the small ones. Choose a daily irritation and make it major, describing as if it were a major, world-changing affair. Take out your worst purple prose this morning and wave it proudly, but keeping yourself to under 150 words. Because among the tiny battles we wage on issues of non-import is the battle of getting purple prose out of our systems.

purple prose
writing that calls attention to itself because of its obvious use of certain effects, as exaggerated sentiment or pathos, especially in an attempt to enlist or manipulate the reader's sympathies
My example:

It was a valiant battle, fought on the gritty front lines of somnolence. With the fish-breath(ing), purring dragon to our backs, and the furry vulture at our feet waiting to pounce, we struggled to keep our ground. But our peaceful resting place was not to be, for the blasts of the sirens knocked us to our feet, severed the ties of sleep, and routed us from the promised bed.

Share your battle in the comments below!

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