Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moving: The Main Event

So I've lately moved to a new apartment. The last few days have contained the following excitements:

5. I finally found my socks!

4. I learned how to re-caulk a bathtub.

3. The patio garden has sprouted! Poking up their heads are spinach, kale, catnip, blue buttons, and some other things that I can't remember what we planted. The mint went viral and thus got put into time-out (aka its own pot), and the thyme is settling in nicely. On the other hand, the squirrels got my gerbera daisies and my strawberry!

2. My roommate and I have now have a cabinet devoted entirely to tea. Note: any project that has screws instead of nails to secure the backboard on, is a project you will want to smash... if only your hands didn't hurt too much!

1. The cats met the roommate's kitten. The kitten is valiantly defending her castle; the cats are somewhat confused as to why a mouse is pouncing on them.

What are your most exciting moments in moving?