Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tea Review: Earl Grey White

Earl Grey White

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea
White, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects and Aroma
Flavor Aspects: Natural
Aroma: smells like regular Earl Grey
Where I got it
don't remember
How I brewed it
1 16oz mug of water filled at coffee machine (hot water tap), carried back to desk and allowed to sit a minute, 1.5 tsp tea added to water and brewed for 1 minutes
Rebrewing notes
Was it bitter the first time? Then it's still bitter.

I've had this tea a while because it's taken me forever to get through it. Not in a good way, although it's not necessarily a bad tea. The concept of Earl Grey flavor in a white tea is a good one; it's just that this tea is so easy to overbrew it almost always turns out bitter, and I have to toss most of it out, because it's like a brick wall of awful when it does get overbrewed. When I don't, it tastes pretty good, definitely like a lighter version of Earl Grey, so I guess if you love Earl Grey but want the antioxidants from white tea you might be willing to risk it.

That said, it does taste all right if I brew it a very, very short time, at a cooler temp. Rebrews... well I think I've managed to burn it on the rebrew half of the times I didn't manage to burn it on the first. That said, if you do it right, there's still plenty of flavor in the leaves. Not my favorite tea. Unless you have a temperature-controlled teapot and a time, I don't think the tea is really worth it, not when there are so many other really good teas to choose from. 

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How I brewed it Rebrewing notes

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  1. I'm not really a fan of the white tea. Can you make a suggestion about which white tea would be good to try out?

    1. White ayurvedic chai from teavana is my favorite white tea, although it's definitely a chai taste and not a white tea taste. Lavendar Dreams is another favorite if you like floral, and Stash's White Christmas is a peppermint blend. The nice thing about white tea is that if you don't like it plain, strong flavors cover it up and you get the antioxidant boost with the full flavor of whatever you blend it with.