Friday, June 26, 2015

Foreign edition book covers

 Book cover trends are often different around the world. Sometimes foreign covers are close to American covers, or are the same. Other times, they're quite a bit different.

Some of these Taiwanese covers of American books seem virtually identical. Others have slight differences. 

Genre book covers have different trends in general, though. Check out these Chinese historical romance covers.

Other titles have been changed to have rather different covers.

 And if you drop by the foreign language section, you can find treasures such as The Little Prince written in Chinese, English, and French (in one book) for language learners. That one is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Have you seen the foreign covers of any books you own? How are they different from the version you have?

It's a pretty good reminder, to an author, that when preparing a book for a foreign market, it'll take some research to find the right cover. It's also a reminder that you need to check the nationality of your sources for cover design when you're making your own covers: Is this advice for my market?

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