Friday, December 18, 2015

Spirit of December...

The spirit of the season here! As heard in the office:

Coworker 1: Happy holidays, guys! Thanks for the yummy treats.

I've made this 4 times now. Or is it 5?
Coworker 2: Take more. (Unspoken but clearly heard addend: Please, no, really. Don't make us eat these ourselves.)

Just another example of December's annual baked-goods arms race. Who'll emerge with the title of the most-eaten delicacy: the person who baked the brownies, the pie, or the quiche? And is there really a victor in the month-long waistline-expansion wars? Dunno, but at least my taste buds are happy.

In other news, this week's publishing industry news post will have to wait until tomorrow, as A) It's been an exhausting week, and B) King's Quest saga chapter 2 has come out. See you tomorrow!

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