Monday, March 14, 2016


What makes horror scary?

Not a very creepy cabin.
I'm of the intellectual horror school; gore-horror doesn't appeal to me. The uncanny, the supernatural, the something-is-just-not-right, I like those. That sense of anticipation and that growing fear, those are what makes horror scary to me, and leave me enjoying it.
Pacing is a key part of it. Tone, too. If it's a movie or a video game, music and surprise, lighting, timing.

But I'm not the top expert on horror. If you're looking to write horror, here are some links to tips from real horror writers:

Horror Writers Association: Writing Tips (for horror)
Writers Digest: Articles on writing horror
A very creepy cabin.
The Write Life: Writing Scary

 What are your favorite horror movies and video games? Your favorite books?

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