Monday, November 21, 2016

End of November

Most caught since above level 20.
The only one over 1000
was hatched. The rest were wild.
So... how's your Pokemon hunting going?  Mine's slowing down as throwing is getting harder with numb fingers, but it's still a way to convince myself to get outside when I'm tempted to be lazy and not get fresh air and exercise.

But for everyone who isn't playing, or who isn't still playing, or who's playing but done talking about it, it's almost the end of November and the cold is settling in. NaNoWriMo-ers keep it up and go write something! You're almost there!

How are you preparing for the end of warm weather? And what kinds of things are you NaNoWriMo writers doing to prepare for the end of your story? Have you already gotten it plotted out, or are you anticipating discovering the story and learning how it really ends?


  1. I never left any comments yet have truly enjoyed your blog writings. Your story-telling gentle flow of thoughts has the magic of ironing out the wrinkles of a busy day; and now your incredible army of Snorlaxes has earned my ultimate respect!!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to help make your days better. Now if only I could beef those Snorlaxes up a bit... :)