Monday, April 10, 2017

NC Botanical Gardens

It was a busy weekend, a good weekend, a fun weekend. And also it was a weekend in which not all things I had planned got accomplished, including Publishing News. Oops.

But, thanks to the lovely weather, I was able to stock up on springtime flower pictures at the NC Botanical Gardens. I love the gardens (and not just because they don't have limitations on photography beyond "don't squish stuff"), with a beautiful assortment of flowers. Something different is always blooming.

One particularly nice pick this time was the Eastern paintbrush. Most of the paintbrush species is gone in the eastern US, but apparently there was a plant surviving off the side of the road in Orange county, and the employees collected it for "local flowers" area of the gardens. It also has to grow in conjunction with a certain type of grass, so they had to collect that, too. I know my readers out west probably won't think it's anything special, but around here? First time I've ever seen this plant in person.

The columbine is back again, too. I loved this flower before I knew what it was called, because it has a shape that allows light to pass just right, so when the sun hits it, it seems to glow from the inside.

Are there any gardens you go to on a regular basis? Any gardens you particularly love? Where are they, and what are the highlights that really stick out to you?

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