Friday, November 18, 2011

Publishing News

Turkey Day is approaching. It's only fair that you start the feast by gobbling down the most recent industry news, right?

Major News:

Amazon has sparked big debates with their Kindle lending library, available to Amazon Prime members as part of the bundle. Not all publishers even knew their books would be included - some publishers even flatly refused to participate in Amazon's original offer. Yet Amazon use legal technicalities to include their books. Some readers love the move; others hate it.
Barnes & Nobles is starting to sell simultaneous versions of hardback and e-books, if you buy the hardcover in a retail store. It doesn't appear to be store-wide yet, but I'd be flummoxed if it doesn't quickly become so. Also, this makes me insanely happy, because I like having physical books on my pretty bookshelves.

Agents and editors of children's books are increasingly adopting the "no-response-means-no" policy. If you're writing for a children's market, don't expect a response to your queries unless the agent specifically mentions that he or she will respond - this means not even a form rejection letter.

Being in the Business:

Rachelle Gardner offers advice on what not to blog about, in interest of not accidentally crippling your own career. Highlights: Don't talk about your contract details or the fact that your manuscript is (or isn't) being shopped around.

She also hosts a guest post from Kristen Laughtin, who states that libraries are good for authors.

Jessica Faust over at Bookends discusses the submission process for those new to the field. It explains the steps you take after finishing a manuscript.

QueryTracker once again provides its weekly Publishing Pulse, more news of what's going on in the industry.

Rachel Stark notes the disturbing trend in YA covers of depicting beautiful girls - dead beautiful girls. Are YA covers glorifying death to young women? Disturbing, but if you're in the YA market - you really need to read this. Or, you know, if you have daughters who are reading or might one day read.

And Nathan Bransford's This Week In Books will catch you up on some links I've not included (and is, in fact, where I snagged the Amazon lending library link).

Improving Your Craft:

On QueryTracker, there's a lesson in types of explosives for your action scenes. If something's going to explode, take a look at this link and get it right.

Agent Suzie Townsend reminds us of the importance of titles. Does your title alone make your agent want to read more? No? Go back to the drawing board.

What major news have you encountered in the past couple of weeks?

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