Monday, November 14, 2011

Social Networking: How do you do it?

Today, I don't want to talk. I want you to talk.

Tell me what forms of social networking you use, which is your current favorite, and which you find the most helpful.

For example:
I use Google+, Facebook, and run this blog. No Twitter for me - not yet, anyway. The rest of my social networking is through non-technological sources (you know, actually going out and meeting people. Scary, huh?)

Right now, I'm loving the huge writers' network I've found on Google+. Other writers post all the time about the things they're going through, and it's usually things I've been through, too. It kicks me in the rear and keeps me writing. Oh, and I keep answering questions for people I don't actually know - Look, I'm smart! Really! (Just don't look too closely...) I've made a couple of new writing acquaintances that way.

Most of my close friends are still on FB, though. We usually organize there. My close-to-home writers' group has a FB page, too, so I can keep up with their lives and meetings. On the whole, I probably get more effective use out of FB. Even if my spellcheck doesn't actually recognize 'Facebook' as a word...

Okay, your turn!


  1. Facebook and
    It seems like whether Google+ is a good idea depends completely on what circles you run in. It's a terrible place for anyone who uses a stage name since Google+ insists that real names must be used. Quite a few belly dancers have had their accounts locked out because of this (this includes losing access to their gmail since it's all linked). This could also affect writers using a pen names...

  2. That's a very good point, actually. Most romance writers use pen names, and if you're trying to use Google+ to sell a book published under a pen name, you autuomatically take a hit. That's something that's been up for discussion lately, and a major complaint on the site from the professional community.