Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Writing Prompt: After the Story

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Think of the protagonist in your story. What is your character going to wear the day after the story ends? Why that outfit?

My example:
Carol will be stealing one of Lygos's tunics. (Lygos being the male lead, of course.) She isn't a big fan of dresses, and especially not of the Minoan dresses everyone wishes she'd wear. He'll concede the tunic only after she tries to go outside in her "underwear" rather than wear the underbust bodice and flounced skirt that most women don. Of course, this does have some disadvantages - Lygos gives her one of his dress tunics, which stylishly combines yellow polka dots, green waves, and purple stripes (he's a bit of a clothes horse - in a time period in which people have not yet invented the concept of clashing.) It may come down past her knees, but at least it covers her chest - more than can be said for the Bronze-age dresses.


  1. Hm... In the story I had going in high school, my main characters were non-humanoid fantastical creatures, so Tajir would be wearing his birthday suit. ^_^

  2. Lol! ^_^ You definitely gave me my morning laught... Thanks!