Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Character Clothes

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Choose a character from your WIP. What did that character put on 'this' morning? Where did he/she get these clothes? In <300 words, decide what significance this outfit has to your character.

'this': Either the day your character is currently living at your point in writing, or the first day of your story.

My example:
This morning, Carol put on a pair of jeans and a form-fitting black T-shirt. The jeans were the obvious choice: the Greek islands tend to be a little more conservative than America, and so it's those or a skirt. Carol doesn't wear skirts. These jeans, on the other hand, she just recently bought. She wanted something that would be decent enough to wear to work (dress casual), but comfortable.
Since she's on her friend's engagement party, she decided she'd pack some dressier shirts. It comes down over her hips, sleeveless for the warm Greek weather, and has a swirling abstract design on the back in silver. She's had this one for about two years. Again, something she picked up for work, but attractive and functional enough to be pretty much all-purpose. Great for a day of touring an island; good enough for a semi-nice dinner in the evening.

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