Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday... Copyright Exercise?

Instead of a writing exercise this week, I'm going to encourage you to read this blog:

Copyright Is Not a Verb

Whether to copyright or not is a question that periodically circulates through writers' groups, and while this article does not tell you whether or not to register a copyright, it does tell you what you give up by not getting a copyright (including the rights to winning money in a copyright violation case), and when the best time to register a copyright is (within 3 months of publication).

Another note of point is that many publishers handle copyright differently, so obtaining a copyright immediately before finding a publisher may not be your best option. The general consensus, if you're going the traditional publishing route, seems to be to wait until a publisher has agreed to take your work, because the publisher may register the work for you, including paying the fees. Whether or not you own the copyright or they do will be part of your contract. Read carefully and decide which you prefer.

Also, you may have heard in the past that registering a copyright was an expensive and arduous process, but it's worth noting that thanks to electronic media, it's now much cheaper and quicker. Expect to drop around $30-40 and spend about half an hour or so on the process.

What have you heard about copyrights in the past? Have you gotten a copyright registered before? If so, what were your experiences?

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