Friday, August 31, 2012

You know you're a writer when...

10. You bought three books on baby names before it ever occurred to you to have children.

9. When you catch yourself ogling someone, you're usually thinking, "I could base a character off that person," instead of thinking about asking the person out.

8. You have nightmares about blank computer screens, and the word "synopsis" gives you the creeps.

7. You notice someone giving you an odd look, and then later realize what was odd about it was that the person wasn't giving you an odd look.

6. You tell people "my baby is ugly," and they don't think you're a horrible parent.

5. You can stand in a room full of people and announce the number of deaths you've made happen, and no one arrests you.

4. Anyone who touches your favorite pen, dies. (Probably horribly, and with a different name. See #5...)

3. You say "I got another rejection!" with pride. (And your first is framed on the wall!)

2. You think "social media" rhymes with "advertising."

1. "Edit" is a four-letter word that falls somewhere between "love" and "hate."

How do you know you're a writer?


  1. I shared your post on Facebook. :)

    1. Yay! Thank you! :DHope it makes people laugh. ^_^

  2. Your kids have a habit of snapping their fingers in front of your face and saying, "Hello! Earth to Mom!"

    Marian Allen
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    1. Maybe not my kids yet, but I've sure gotten that from more than one friend! Good one. ^_^