Monday, October 1, 2012

Ladies only: recommendation for unusual necklines

Hi guys. Go grab a cup of tea or coffee or something; you don't need to read this post. This one is for the ladies, on a very practical and extremely uninteresting subject matter: how to wear unusual shirt necklines with the utmost practicality. I promise it will be dull and that there are no pictures of the subject matter.


Are they gone yet?

Here's a kitty picture to give them more time (no, this is not the subject matter; doesn't count against above promise):

This is my chair now. Go write somewhere else.

Okay, now that they're gone, bra recommendation. We've all go those gorgeous shirts that traditional bras don't fit, because absolutely anything with straps will show. I have awful luck with strapless bras (which usually end up around my waist), but I got this stick-on bra and it actually works:

NuBra Ultralite, by Fashion Forms, style 16846

You do have to wash right before putting it on, soap and all, or will start to peel up at the edges towards the end of the day. Also try to get it on right the first time, because every time you pull it off and reset it, it becomes a little more likely to peel up. Do it right the first time and it stays secure all day. I've used this bra a few times a month for the past six months and it's still sticky and it still works.

After taking it off, it needs to be washed off with a gentle soap. I run it under the faucet with room-temperature water and just a little soap, rinse it off well, and let it air dry, and then store it in the box it came in. I won't claim it's got amazing support or anything (come on, it's a stick-on), but it does a reasonable job and nobody knows when I'm cold.

I got mine at Belks for $32. Worth every penny for me, because I have some really cute sleeveless tops, love unusual necklines, and of course have that obligatory dress (or three) that just don't work well with normal bras.

Men, if you're still here, you are now sworn to never reveal the tricks of the trade. Don't be surprised if a couple of nice agents in black suits show up in the near future and flash a pretty red light at you.


  1. I've never heard of this product before. My 20 year old daughter and I will soon be visiting Belk. We both love unusual necklines, and strapless bras are dangerous--their wires try to impale me every time I wear them.

    1. Yeah, I've noticed the strapless ones often seem homicidal! Mine go back and forth between trying to strangle me and trying to be belts. >.<