Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Writing Exercise

Find the book nearest you with at least 250 pages. Turn to page 75 and copy out the 3rd sentence.

Now rearrange the words to make a new sentence (you may make minor grammatical changes to accommodate this, if necessary). Describe who would say this, and when it would be said.


"Now you know why one of the primary prerequisites of both our jobs is a perfect memory!"


"Now one of the prerequisites of both our jobs is, you know, a perfect primary memory!"

17 year old high school senior
Counselor at a summer time-jumping camp, she's explaining to her sophomore new recruit why counselors must have a perfect memory of the camp in good order: because last year there was a horrible accident, and a counselor couldn't remember everything well enough to jump backwards in time to prevent it, so the accident was never reversed.

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