Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Interesting Statistics

So, because I can't think of anything interesting to say today, I'm going to share something I find interesting: the stats behind this blog.

My most popular post of all time: Grammar Brigade: Tense? It's all in the timing.
Most popular with audiences from Russia, but gets views from all over.

This December, everyone wants to know how to tie a bow. The U.S. seems to have the most people searching for bow-making skills, but this is another world-wide popular post. The guide has pictures for every step, which gets rid of the language barrier.

And for the week before Christmas, not surprisingly, bow-making takes a major lead!
The browsers people use to visit, and where they come from. For most of the blog's history, the U.S. and Russia have hosted the largest number of my viewers. In the last year, European viewers have begun to stop by more regularly. And I have at least a few of followers in Australia and Asia. Hello, everyone!
The same worldwide trend continues in this month, with a few people dropping by from the Middle East. I think Google+ may have helped me connect with those viewers; the writing community I joined is very diverse, and some of the members have mentioned finding the publishing news helpful.

And here's a look at the blog over its entire history: I began in February 2010, with 22 hits for the entire month. The spike was in December 2010, I don't remember what for. The dip right before that was in September 2010, when I was gone for half the month.

I know some blogs get 13,000 hits in day, but to me, it's huge. And it's growing: 1800 in a month is a big jump from the 22 I began at. So, hello to everyone, all over the world! Thank you for dropping by and making this blog a success!

I'd love to hear how you found my blog. What brought you here, and what country are you from?


  1. Ha, mine has a little over 3,000 hits total. You're much more active than I am, though. : )

    1. It'll grow! :D If it weren't for scheduling posts ahead, I'd never be able to keep up with my Mon-Wed-Fri schedule. ;)

  2. Congrats on the increase in readers!!

    1. Thanks! :D And thanks for reading--I (literally) wouldn't have as many readers without you! ;)