Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tea Time: Wild Sweet Orange

Wild Sweet Orange (Tazo Tea)

Reviewed by: BecTea
Type of tea
Herbal, sachet
Flavor aspects and Aroma
Flavor Aspects: Fruity, Spicy
Aroma: Sweet, slightly dark citrus
Where I got it
4.99 box of 20 teabags
How I brewed it
Just boiling water over tea bag, steeped for about 5 minutes.
Rebrewing notes
Brewed same, slightly less rich flavor. I think it was better the second time. Strong enough to make a third cup.
Rich and flavorful, almost over powering in orange. If it was brewed quickly on the first brew, I think it would have been softer and easier to drink. This is more of a pick me up, energizing tea than a comfort, tea time tea.

I found it at Drugstore.com, but Tazo brand is in most stores.

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How I brewed it Rebrewing notes

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