Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Disney Vacation: a few final photos and a couple of tips

Final photos of Disney, and then I promise, no more! ;)

Princess Tiana and Naveen

Flying Triceratops!

Warning: Fossils may bite. But they don't have digestive
tracks, so as long as they swallow you whole, you'll be
fine. Just jump out the ribs.

You're probably safe from giraffes, although they share
long necks and have skin covering their ribs. They tend
to prefer grass.

The traffic's pretty bad in the Animal Kingdom, though.
Step on the gas, zebras!

And then we got lost in the sea on the way back.

We made it back to the Animal Kingdom proper
by sunset, though.

So they gave us sword-fighting lessons in Epcot,
taught by Norse statues...
Which we only accepted because lightsaber lessons
in Hollywood Studios were restricted to those under age 12.

But Hollywood Studios does have a bit of magic of its own.
Such as a much-abridged version of Beauty and the Beast.

Still not as magical as the Magical Kingdom
at sunset, though.
Word to the wise: Take water-flavorings (we used Mio). The fountain water tastes pretty, um, let's just say it's a good idea to avoid having to taste it. A couple of bottles of water each day and two bottles of Mio, though, and we stayed hydrated and happy the whole trip.

Tip two: If you want to get a nice, high pedometer count (we got up to 25K steps one particular day), sign up for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Not only is it fun and adorable to find the hidden portals and try the "spells" (hidden cameras recognize the trading cards you hold up), but it's great exercise. Also, you get free keepsake cards. Keep using the first ones you get, because they level up the more you use them, and if you complete easy level, you'll need leveled-up cards to play medium difficulty.

Yes, we had a lovely time. 

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