Monday, July 14, 2014

The Joys and Sorrows of Moving

This weekend I boxed up my tea. I'm moving this week and next weekend, you see--will soon be much closer to work.

All this? Now in boxes. And half belongs
to my roommate. Goodbye, fair beverage.
It's a lovely place, and I can't wait to be in it. We'll have a turquoise accent wall! (This happens to be one of my favorite colors, which is why I am so unaccountably excited about it.)

On the other hand, I must bid farewell to my roommate's boxes of tea, because she is moving to another state, and naturally taking her tea with her. This is a bit sad, but the grief is much alleviated because it means I'll room on the shelves to purchase new teas.*

And I'll have a lovely new apartment in which to drink them. Plus, I'll be saving so much on gas I should be able to afford buying them. Okay, maybe not right away, but you know. Soon.

But I had no tea to drink this weekend, because it is in boxes, and not in my mugs or teapots.

Cannot wait to get into work, where I keep my reserve stash.

*(Wait, I should also feel sorrow over one of my best friends moving away? Yeah, I guess I'm a bit sad for that, too. But we both have phones and computers, and if we can stay friends through a roulette of different jobs, rival colleges, separate classes in high school, all the craziness of middle school, and most of elementary school... Let's just say there are already plans in the works to keep in touch. The tea, however, cannot call, and I might be scared if it tries to start a Google hangout with me.)

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