Friday, February 6, 2015

If You Could Visit Fantasy Locations

A fantasy location lovingly handcrafted by Disney.
What kinds of settings from books do you want to see in real life?

I read a lot of fantasy, and some of the landscapes are places I'd like to see in person. And the wonders that are described, the castles spoken about. Who wouldn't want to wander the castle in the Enchanted Forest in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Patricia Wrede), or walk through Hogwarts a time or two?

I'd love to step foot in Lothlorien, or talk to the elves in Rivendell, or visit Moria before it became orc-infested.

And how cool it would be to check out Pern, and see the weyrs. Or visit Harper Hall!

Same with movies, with their exotic locales, and even more so cartoons. Have you noticed how much improbably geography occurs in cartoons? It seems like every non-city cartoon features at least one wind-sculpted, gravity-defying tower somewhere. And then there are the video games.

On my imaginary bucket list would be Haven in Valdemar, and the Hawksbrothers' villages. I'd want to see Opassa Beach in Chrono Cross, and the Zora Domain in Ocarina of Time would be swimmingly fun. Of course I'd have to drop by Gravity Falls and pretend not to see the tiny pie-stealing men, and if I could swing by the Tri-state Area, well, I'd have to go during summer, but it would be worth going.

So what fictional places would you like to see in real life?


  1. Pern would be amazing, but I'd rather see AVIS than the weyrs. Hogwarts and Wrede's Enchanted Forest I'll leave alone, I'd end up dead inside of five minutes. However, several of the planets described in Asimov's Robots series I'd love to visit. I'd also like to see several of the fictional locations from Hamilton's Anita Blake series.

    1. Yes. I'm often tempted to hop on a starship and check out the universe. There are some Star Wars places I'd like to visit myself, for that matter.