Monday, May 4, 2015

Tea Review: Harney & Sons Paris tea

Paris Tea

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

black, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects

Where I got it

Harney & Sons

$7.50 for 4 oz
How I brewed it

3 1/2 minutes with water from a coffee machine, 2 tsp in a 12-oz mug
Rebrewing notes

Decent. At least one good rebrew, possibly two if you're careful with the leaves, before you really lose flavor.

Mellow, tasty, a nice black tea with strong orange and citrus flavors. If you're a fan of bergamot teas, orange spice teas or or black teas and oranges, give this one a try; it's not spicy but it does welcome you with a delicious orange scent and taste. It does have vanilla and caramel flavoring added, but they're very faint, and mostly just add a nice scent and help emphasize the orange/bergamot flavor.

I think I slightly overbrewed this tea--I would recommend brewing closer to 3 minutes. It does seem like it is fairly sensitive to overbrewing, so be careful to set a timer and make sure your water isn't too hot. But, even slightly overbrewed, it's pleasant. The orange flavor accents the slight hint of bitterness so that it's not actually unpleasant. If it were brewed perfectly, I think it would be even better, but as it is, the tea is pleasant.

It's a good price, and if it's not the most exotic or glamorous of black teas, it's a decent tea at a good value. I'd recommend it for anyone who wanted a good go-to daily tea that doesn't break the budget, especially if a touch of orange/bergamot is what you like.

Those who dislike Earl Grey will probably also dislike this tea; it has many of the same flavors but stronger and with a different, fruitier balance. Captain Picard would probably happily share a pot, though. Equally appealing to casual tea drinkers and tea addicts who want a good breakfast tea.

Harney and Sons Paris tea
(photo from their website)


  1. My grocery store just started selling this brand. I haven't had this flavor because I don't like bergamot, but the need for short brewing time with only one rebrew also goes for their English breakfast. I take it out at 4 minutes instead of my usual 6. I assume they use the same type for all their blacks unless stated otherwise.

    1. It would make sense. Unfortunate that we can't many rebrews out of it, but for the price I'm not surprised. Still, flavor is reasonable and that's more rebrews than many bagged teas, so I guess I can't complain too much!