Monday, July 27, 2015

Taiwan Lu-Ming Oolong Tea Review

  Taiwan Lu-Ming Oolong Tea, Organic

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

 loose-leaf, oolong
Flavor aspects

Happiness Natural, earthy
Where I got it

Not sure where exactly to get it online. The closest I found was here, but it's not an exact packaging match and my Chinese isn't good enough to tell if it's just a different packaging or another tea. I think the pictured version online is a higher grade.

How I brewed it

Water from the coffee machine, cooled down for about 2-3 minutes, then 1.5 tsp steeled in a 12-oz mug for 60 seconds.
Rebrewing notes

Like most oolongs, the answer to "how many times can I rebrew it" is "Yes." Alternatively, "How much day do you have?" I run out of day before I run out of rebrewing power. (I prefer not to re-use the same leaves on different days, but that's just personal preference.)

This is a high-quality organic oolong tea from Taiwan. It is excellent, and it is delicious, and if you like oolong tea, you will like it (if you can find it). Also, from what I understand,"organic tea" in Taiwan is pesticide-free grown tea, and any high-quality oolong tea will be grown without pesticides, as those taint the flavor of the tea. The Taiwanese take tea seriously.

In fact, if you know how to find Taiwan Lu-Ming oolong teas online at anywhere besides the link above, let me know. Please. This miiight be a plea to crowd-source "Where can I find more when I run out?"

I will note that 1.5 tsp could easily brew 16 oz of water, but I'm a strong tea person, so I use more tea. The aroma is earthy, a beautiful classic oolong scent, and the color is a pleasing gold/amber shade. If you like your oolongs sweet, avoid brewing for too long; however, even oversteeped I find the flavor pleasant.

It should be noted that walking into just about any grocery store or tea store in Taiwan will result in a shopping cart full of high-quality oolong teas. Many are very affordable, less expensive than tea you can buy in the US grocery stores and yet higher quality. You can also walk into a tea specialty store and walk out with tea that costs $100 USD an ounce or more, if that's what you really want.

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