Friday, January 8, 2016

Semi-Super-Powers of Fiction

Go away monsters; I'm sleeping.
Has anyone else ever envied how easy it is for characters to get up in the mornings? Whether it's books or movies or TV shows, the main characters always seem able to pull themselves together, ready to leap out of bed to adventure at any second. And let's not talk about video game characters, for whom sleep is required only when HP is low... I'm not sure they even really know what sleep is.

Then again, if a character is shown waking up in fiction, they're probably being woken up in a situation that requires adrenaline. So maybe "hopping to go" isn't such an exaggeration, as they might get eaten if they don't.

Still, characters in fiction seem to have a number of semi-super-powers as a matter of fact. What semi-super-power do you most envy from fiction?

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