Monday, January 25, 2016

Tea site: Adagio

Adagio Teas website
I've been wanting to do another tea review for a while, but today I'm doing something a little different: a tea site review.

There's a site called Adagio Teas that sells, you guessed it, tea. It's got a wide variety of teas offered, lets you get points for ordering tea that you can redeem for more tea, and allows you to order sample sizes and small sizes if you just want to try a tea. The tea is about the same value as most teas offered at the stores in my area, if not a bit better in terms of quality vs cost (though how much you order affects this as well; the price is cheaper when you order more). Oh, and, uh, if you find you're spending too much, you can also temporarily ban yourself.

Adagio also has a cool feature (besides selling tea) that lets you blend your own teas. You are "limited" to a list of certain blends and flavors, but it's not a short list, and you get up to three, plus a scoop of flavor (raspberries, dried cherries, coconut, rose petals, etc). You can also adjust the percent of each tea used. And since you can order it in the same quantities as the rest of the teas, you can order yourself a sample to make sure you like what you blended. The blends are saved, you can name them, and they can be edited later.

That alone is a pretty nice. But then there's the fandom feature--because when you name your blends, you can also give put them in groups (or fandoms) and share them so others can enjoy them. This way, you can see what other people think phoenix down might taste like, or what tea blend they think Navi from Ocarina of Time would drink.

Oh, yeah, and you get points when other people buy your blends. So it's share and share alike.
And you can make your own labels
to go on your tea.

I've been planning to do a "Writing Moods" series, with teas to get me into certain moods to write. It'll be slow to grow, though, since I'll have to sample each one before sharing it. But there are plenty of fandoms to browse through, and lots of tasty teas of Adagio's own blends to try.

Find any good teas on the site you're excited to share? Or any fandom blends you think are particularly cool?

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