Friday, February 26, 2016

Favorite geek toys?

ThinkGeet,,, they all have geek toys that every good little geek drools over a bit and then usually wanders away from while protecting her or his wallet... usually...

(ice dalek in cherry juice)
But sometimes you see something you just have to have.

That Death Star tea ball, the d20 earrings, the life-size BB-8 lamp, a fishtank with a TARDIS, a brown coat, a dwarven axe cheese knife: all those lovely little goodies that you just can't help but want, and sometimes wind up buying despite your best reasoning.

What's your favorite geek purchase? And what's your favorite place to buy your geeky goods?

Barbarian tea
(sword tea strainer)


  1. I'm not sure what my favorite purchase ever is, but of the recent ones, it's the lunchbox that looks like a human organ transport container. It's gotten all sorts of smiles, chuckles, and comments.

    1. Cool! Hehe. I'd like to bring my lunch to work in one of those.