Friday, February 19, 2016

Publishing Industry News

This week's publishing news and industry blogs post covers 1/30-2/19/16. With a couple of possible Supreme Court cases in the works, the publishing industry is probably keeping an eye on the possible candidates for the new Supreme Court seat.

Publishing News

Sherrilyn Kenyon sues Cassanda Clare, claiming that Clare's Mortal Instruments series, with its shadowhunters, is a case of copyright infringement against Kenyon's darkhunters.

Publishers, authors, and organizations support the Authors Guild's bid to have the Supreme Court review the Google bookscanning project.

The Supreme Court will be deciding whether or not to take the Apple e-book price-fixing case on 2/19; the Second Circuit Court of Appeal affirms the previous judgement in preparation for the Supreme Court to consider whether or not to take the case.

Industry Blogs

Agent Janet Reid answers questions and offers advice. How long should an already-signed author expect it take an agent to read a manuscript and get back? (Keep checking in once a month or so, but it does take a while for a first read.) When an agent says they'll send a manuscript to 10 editors and then revisit, and then steps aside, is that normal and can the book be re-marketed? (Not a good sign about the agent; sorry, yes, you'll have to a write another book.) Always use the same e-mail address for your queries/agent talk/etc. And why don't big-name authors just self-pub to get more profits? (Opportunity cost.)

More advice and answer from Reid. Is it okay to use a bestseller as a comp title? (Yes. Don't use books in their own category, but otherwise, just because it's on a bestseller list doesn't mean it's off-limits.) What questions do agents ask authors before signing? And what questions should you as a writer not ask? You get an offer; what do you do? And what do publishers pay for? How do you reference #MSWL-based queries?

Agent Jessica Faust offers her opinion on the first five pages: Think of them in perspective as part of the whole book, because page 6 on also has to be great. Also, she give advice on handling an offer of representation.

Agent Nephele Tempest posts Friday links for 1/29, 2/5, and 2/12. One of these includes the always-valuable Opportunities for Writers for February and March. She also reminds you to craft a professional image.

 On Writer Beware, why to avoid termination fees in your publishing contracts. And if you hear from "Raider Publishing International," beware, it's another name for a publisher already black-listed by Writer Beware for bad behavior. Also, and definitely not a "beware," Victoria Strauss explains the components of the Authors Guild's Fair Contract Initiative (and not coincidentally points out things that you should be wary of in traditional publishing boilerplate contracts anyway, and try to negotiate out).

Agent Kristin Nelson admits that sending rejection letters is a part of her job she really hates. That said, she also reminds writers that a rejection is not a commentary on your writing talent, and you shouldn't take rejection of your writing as a rejection of you as a person, or even of your ability.

Agent Rachelle Gardner explains the publishing terms sell-in, sell-through, earn-out, and returns.

Author Kristine Kathryn Rusch compares the changes in the book industry today to the changes brought on by cable and Netflix to the television industry, and why she expects indie publishing will continue to expand while traditional publishers will continue to contract. And have you lost your unique voice to "serious writer voice"?

On the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal blog, why you should research even fantasy and sci-fi, and some advice on how to research.

Amazon plans to begin a brick-and-mortar bookstore chain; people speculate about their expansion plans.

Debate ensues from antitrust experts on whether the Supreme Court should take the Apple e-book price-fixing case or not.

What books have people (at least in Britain) only pretended to read

What other publishing news have you encountered in the past couple of weeks?

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