Friday, May 20, 2016

Keeping the Mind Occupied

Where do you go when you're doing something tedious? Not literally; I mean, where do you go in your mind?

The benefit of two monitors at the day job is that when a task requires some less-than-inspiring work before the fun, challenging parts begin, I can put up pictures of vacations or places I'd like to go. I'm a traveler, so the pictures change frequently. In the morning I might be in Greece, in the afternoon, Taiwan.

The view from Taipei 101
Our office is super-quiet, so chatting with the coworkers isn't much of an option. Making up stories about what I'm doing on vacation, on the other hand, is perfectly allowable and keeps my mind occupied, and at least gives my imagination some exercise. (Which may or may not be related to how I wound up writer, actually...)

So how do you cope when you have similar work to do?

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