Monday, January 23, 2017

Back in action

You may have noticed that I went for several weeks without making a post. First of all, I am continuing to blog; I'm afraid it was an unplanned hiatus. Nothing terrible happened, so don't worry about that.

I wish I could say there was a good reason, but mostly it was a profound lack of energy, brought on by the winter blues. For some unknown reason they were worse this year (gloomier weather? less exercise than usual? general 2016 miasma of despair? not really sure). Thanks for sticking around and coming back despite the lapse. I'll try to fight it off harder next year.

Looking at flowers is one of the things
that helps me get back to myself, reminding
me that winter doesn't last forever--spring
will be here soon.
It's really easy, once I let myself leave something undone, to just keep leaving it undone. And when I do start getting things done, it's easy to use one day's productiveness to be unproductive the next. Because of this I've gotten into the habit of reminding myself this:

Yesterday's failure is no reason not to succeed today. Nor is yesterday's success is no reason to not try today.

So just because I didn't blog last week, doesn't mean I can't do it this week. And blogging last week doesn't mean I get to slack off this week. I goofed up and got lost for a few weeks, but pausing isn't the same as stopping, and I'm back.

Winter seems to have hit a lot of people hard this year. So if you're feeling low, at least take reassurance in that you're not alone. Hang in there and remember that spring is on its way. And make an effort to get back into doing the things you usually do.

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