Friday, January 27, 2017

Gone Rogue!

If you've been following me at all, you'll probably notice I don't go on Twitter much. In fact I had to reset my password each of the last... three? four? ... times I used it.

But seriously, the National Parks are going rogue. I can't miss that!

Though I'm sure you've seen it already, here's a few of the accounts tweeting science facts, some claiming to be run by actual park rangers in their off-hours:

AltYosemiteNPS (@altYosemiteNPS)
BadlandsNPSFans (@BadlandsNPSFans)
AltUSForestService (@AltForestServ)
BadHombreLands NPS (@BadHombreNPS)
AltUSNatParkService (@AltNatParkSer)
AltEPA (@ActualEPAFacts)
Rogue NASA (@RogueNASA)
(Okay, the last two aren't National Parks)

There are more, and while the official National Park Service accounts are back to tweeting normally (the Badlands says their tweets were from an ex-employee), I just can't stop finding the idea of a rogue national park to be hilarious. You go, nature and park rangers. You're all awesome.

So those of you who actually Twitter... what accounts are worth following? Since I may actually be checking every now and then.

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