Monday, February 13, 2017


My wildest dreams.
Spring is around the corner, and I am again having delusions that maybe this year I'll have a decent garden.

Considering I live in an apartment and have no yard, nor the time to spend tending more than a couple of potted plants, nor the actual green thumb to help them survive hot summers, this is probably going to be quickly crushed again. In reality I'll probably settle for a potted tomato plant that produces a few dozen tomatoes and some basil.

Let's face it, even Victory Gardens were never intended for people living in apartments (at least not personal ones, and finding a place willing to let your and your neighbors share ground space isn't exactly easy these days), and it's not exactly like a full-time job plus writing leaves a lot of time for weeding. Nor is gardening an available hobby to most people, with it requiring so much labor and land space. So I'm certainly thankful for the local farmers market, and grocery stores!

But it doesn't mean I don't dream of one day having an actual garden. Somehow vegetables seem to taste better when you've seen them grown in the earth yourself.

Do you garden? What do you grow? And if you're short on actual dirt space, what sorts of potted plants do you grow?


  1. If you're really serious about it, look into community gardening. They're land (can be public-or privately-owned) where anyone can rent a small plot and garden as they like. Some gardens you're asked to chip on maintenance of shared spaces, others you're only responsible for your plot. Designed specifically for people who don't have their own land to grow on.

    1. The biggest problem is time, really. I've had quite a few balcony plants before, but I don't have the time to invest in maintaining real garden right now. But should the opportunity come up... Yeah, that's a definite possibility!