Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I went to see The Help yesterday.  Awesome movie!  Also, if you go, be prepared to get there early, because it sold out. 

In related news, today's post was not yet written, which means this morning will provide none of the usual helpful stuff.

Instead, I give you a cat.

Also, a short rant to retailers:  It is August.  Now is the time to begin stocking supplies for fall - not put them on the final sale.  I am not going to begin decorating my house for Christmas in August.  Please stop trying to turn a single day into a four-month continuous holiday.  You've completely forgotten the point of the holiday, anyway, so there's really no reason to start advertising until after Thanksgiving - which, I may add, is also a decorating-holiday.  Only not anymore, because by the time I think to decorate for Thanksgiving (you know, early November), there are no longer any decorations left on the shelves to buy, because Christmas now begins in mid-October.

Everyone else: Guard your Halloween decoration displays closely.  Their days are numbered...

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