Saturday, March 31, 2012

Greetings... Now get your ZAP ready.

Yes, I know, you don't believe me. But it's 1300 April 1, 2013. And the zombies are everywhere.

I can't stay very long - connection's tenuous at best. 67 of the world's most brilliant scientists, and we can only get 5 minutes at the most. Just have to warn you before IT happens. The zombie apocalypse will start tomorrow night (April 1, 2012.) Make sure you're ready.

There's a settlement in the mountains of NC. Grandfather Mountain's been fortified into a settlement. If you're in the midwest, Mesa Verde in Colorado is the safest. The water's in short supply, though, so you might be better off heading north to the Routt National Forest. They'll find you; don't go past the markers without their permission. New England is pretty much gone; if you're there, get out and head to the Laurentian Mountains, near the Baskatong Reservoir. There's a seaside fortress at the edge of Oregon, and a few outposts in the Sierra Madre.

Haven't gotten in contact with South America except a single legion in the Brazilian rainforest, but they say there's at least seven places down there. We haven't managed contact with Europe at all, but an outpost in Siberia claims to be monitoring their situation and reports that there's a few places untouched.

Okay, running out of battery power. Going to make this quick:

Is this the end of the world?

Reports show that the decay overtakes the physical movement after a period of ten months. Because of the uneven spread of the disease, we're still encountering fresh packs, but it seems to be trailing off. Don't give up hope.

How did it start?

It appears to have begun after a teenager's high school science project was left in a locker too long.

Is there a cure?
Funnily enough, there's a prevention. The disease is immune to virtually every treatment known to man, from antibiotics to vitamin overdoses. But we accidentally discovered that infection won't occur in individuals who consume two tablespoons of

Signal lost

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