Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Writing Prompt: TV

Put your characters (if they're not already here) in the modern-day world. Hand them a TV. What are their favorite TV shows? Why?

My characters:
Kelly: The news. She leaves it on in the background and pretty much ignores it. Sometimes, her brother's concerts get covered, and she always misses having him around when he's on tour. He keeps trying to get her to watch The Walking Dead, and if she ever did, she'd like it, but she hasn't gotten around to it yet.

Trax: Heroes. For all his rock-star image, he's a closet geek, and Hiro's his favorite character. But don't let on you know. His agent will deny it to her dying day. According to her, he's a big American Idol fan. She even tells him who his favorites are supposed to be. Probably a good thing, since he's never gotten around to watching the show.

Derik: Dancing with the Stars. He's a romantic at heart, and as much as he loves NCIS and The Office, it's the glamor of DwtS that gets him tuning in. It doesn't hurt that he keeps picturing Kelly in those dresses, either. If she ever gets around to returning his affections, she'll probably find herself dragged off to ballroom dancing classes.

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