Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Staying cool with random pictures

Today's writing prompt? We'll go with some random pictures. Your job? Choose two (or more!) and combine them.

Always wear your sunscreen, folks.

 It's hot. Really hot. If you've been outside recently, you know this. And in case you haven't, take EiC's hard-learned advice and remember to wear sunscreen (which won't help cool you off, but will help you avoid getting sunburned.)

 Don't be afraid to go out at night, either. No one will blame you for turning into a summer vampire when the daytime heat is over 100F.

You always thought they made up gun-swords, didn't you?

Another option is to look for cool places, such as pirate caves, to hide from the heat.

Or to search for hidden treasure. Because you never know.

Mini cupcakes, however, do absolutely nothing besides
giving me an excuse to stay inside.

Light meals, such as fruits and berries, will help you avoid that heavy after-eating feeling and can actually help you stay cooler. Plus, fruits and berries will help you stay hydrated. Frequent light meals, avoiding proteins and heavy fats, are a great idea.


We all know that some people love the heat. I generally like it, myself. Just be careful - lots of water, a place to cool off before you cook, lots of sunscreen, a nice hat, and all that.

You probably won't turn into an iguana if you run outside to sunbathe. In fact, that's probably impossible. Probably. Just remember, iguanas get eaten in some parts of the world. Kinda like chicken.

Today's excuse to stay in the air conditioning writing prompt: Choose two pictures and combine them. You have 100 words to write a scene involving both!

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  1. I looked from the gun-sword to the corner of the cave. Maybe if I grabbed it quickly enough, I could-

    "Don't." Her hiss echoed off the walls. That was the problem with female dragons; they were just too perceptive.

    Well. She was protecting her eggs, after all. The giant globes now larger than her hand-sized body, they glowed and throbbed with magic. Boy dragons, all three, by the size.

    "I'll just be on my way out, then," I said. Step. Step. Thump.

    Hissssssssss. Drat. Daddy had come home.