Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Writing Exercise

Ever have a dream where one of the people in it says something that sticks with you, long after you forget the rest of the dream?

All I can remember of last night's dream is this line:

"It's easier to forgive when it's your own heart that was broken. If you ever want a full account of your sins, ask a person who loves the person whose heart you broke."

Interview your main character about someone who broke his or her heart (preferably a heartbreak from the distant past). What did that person do? How does your main character feel about him or her now (forgiveness, enduring hate, etc)? Does the MC say it was partly his/her own fault? How so?

Now interview your main character's best friend (parent/kid/current lover) about that same betrayer. What happened? Whose fault was it? How does the MC's best friend feel about the betrayer now?

Whose story is more harsh? Does the anger add to the conflict, or make the resolution more dramatic? Is forgiveness necessary for the story to resolve, and will the best friend be able to move on as quickly as the hero? Will the loose ends be wrapped up by the end of the book, or can you use them to lead into story #2?

How can this emotion enhance your story?

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