Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Missing You

Apparently, the feline word for the phrase "I missed you!" is vomit. My cats missed me a lot while I was gone.

Funnily enough, most book characters don't just say "I missed you" either. There may be sulking, or temper tantrums, or over-attentive cuddling when the heroine gets back from her death-defying adventure.

How does your hero/heroine react when someone he/she cares about is gone for a while? When he/she's worried about someone? Chances are, most tough-as-nails characters won't just admit they were worried. They'll act out in some other way. Assume the love interest has snuck off to engage in some extremely dangerous activity without telling the protagonist. What's your character's method of dealing with worry?

Kelly's of the lock-him-up attitude, where she'll try to throw everyone she loves into safety and go off to the face the danger herself. If she can't do that, she'll at least insist on joining them in the face of danger. And if that's not an option, she'll probably try to occupy herself by getting into equivalent amounts of danger in an attempt to help the hero from far away.

Derik's more the join-'er type, where he'll race to not get left behind. He'd never stop someone from putting herself into the face of danger if she really wanted to. But if he does get left behind, she'll be up to her eyeballs in homemade health food by the time she returns, as Derik goes into a cooking frenzy.


  1. I love the idea of a guy doing stress-cooking! Maybe you can send him to my house the next time he gets really anxious. Please.

    1. Lol! I know. Wouldn't that be great? Although I think I'd rather have one who stress-cleans... Then again, I'd probably always want to stress him out, so maybe not. ;)