Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Thing Every Voter Agrees On

To all the Americans who voted, no matter who you voted for, congratulations and thank you.

Even if you didn't vote, even if you're not American, even if you wish Obama hadn't won, there is one thing we are ALL celebrating together:


Not for another two years, anyway. And isn't that worth a party?

So here's to an ad-free existence for the next couple of years, until mid-term elections pop back around.


Something tells me I'm doing it wrong.


  1. We don't have cable, so I haven't seen hardly any ads. But I'm glad the elections over--I've been trying to explain computer-generated political phone calls to my 93 year old grandmother (who's hard of hearing and English is not her first language) when she wanted to know why she was getting so many strange phone calls.

    1. Lol--I believe I had the same conversation with my grandmother when she was in her mid-90s as well. I don't have cable either, but radio, internet radio, FB ads... They sneak in everywhere, worse than ants or cockroaches on rainy days.