Monday, November 26, 2012

Seen on Vacation

 Saw this in Myrtle Beach over Thanksgiving Weekend, and had to share the laugh:

Whoops--Don't worry, Heather, I'm sure Watts will let you live this one down someday*! 


 *(Probably in about thirty years or so.)


  1. :)

    We have a church near our house that has a sign with changeable letters. They've had two misspellings on it for weeks. I keep thinking that I should stop by one day and tell them. But then, I chicken out. Clearly, someone who attends there must know.

    1. I once had a typo in my introduction to this very blog. Didn't know until 2 months later when someone pointed it out--I should have seen it, but never actually looked at the header, so I kept missing it. Point it out to someone who can tell the sign changers; chances are, they would know it was wrong if they looked, but see it so often they don't look.