Friday, August 16, 2013

Frog Juice: Game

Frog Juice: The official game of Second Christmas!

My old college friends and I get together every year. And, because we're us, every time we get together we must play Frog Juice. It's tradition.

It's one of those slightly silly card games. In this game, you try to make "spells" by matching the number cards in your hand with the numbers on the table (a twelve and a twelve, or a seven and a five to a twelve). You can also cast spells by putting down a "spell" card and collecting the named ingredients; this version gets you points towards winning the game.

Only certain cards are valuable. The rest are just fun.

It's hard to take a game seriously when you're collecting toads, newts, and unicorn horns (or when you're playing it at 3am, but that's another matter.) On the whole, it's just a fun game, and cute. I'm not entirely sure when it became our group's official game, but between that and Mahjong, we keep ourselves entertained.

And, of course, any game where using frog juice, shrinking potion, and a prince as ingredients (to make a frog, of course), is bound to make me giggle.

Do you have a traditional game you take out when you hang out with your friends? What do you play?


  1. This sounds like fun! Never heard of it, but I'll have to look out for it now.

    My mates & I used to spend evenings playing Mah Jong. The scoring took so long that I ended up writing a computer program to score for us (including all the doubles and winds etc.)

    Nowadays, the family game of choice is Uno.

    1. Scoring Mah Jong is crazy... we still haven't got hold of all the special hands yet. We just usually do a simplified scoring version so the 5 hours don't become 50!