Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mandarin Silk 

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea
Oolong, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects and Aroma
Flavor Aspects: Natural, herbal
Aroma: Almost like licorice, only smoother and richer and lovely even if you dislike licorice
Where I got it
Yosefa AntiquiTea, Boone, NC
How I brewed it
2 tsp in a 16 oz mug, hot water from the coffee machine poured over, steeped for 2-ish minutes
Rebrewing notes
I usually get 3 cups before it start losing its flavor. Holds taste and color very well through rebrews.

Om nom nom.

I really dislike licorice. One of those people who just hates it, I'm afraid. Yet I LOVE this tea. It's smooth, almost like a black tea in flavor, but with a rich, sweet scent that smells like candy. It has just a touch of sweetness to the aftertaste, too, that's reminiscent of licorice without actually tasting like it, and despite the tea being no sweeter than any other oolong tea. Not really sure how better to describe it than that, and that hardly does this decadent tea justice.

It's a very resilient brew, too. I've used water too hot, made it with break room coffee-machine water, steeped it too short and steeped it a touch too long, and every time it comes out tasty. The least flavorful is understeeping, of course, but even weak it still packs a delicious scent.

If you can't guess, I do like this tea. I'd highly recommend it, especially if you like black tea. Despite being an oolong, it really does taste mostly like a good-quality black tea. Good plain (as I usually drink it) and also good with milk and sugar.

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  1. I've tried rebrewing. I've never really found it very satisfactory.

    1. Hm. It does depend on the tea. A lot do lose flavor, especially if they're bagged teas!