Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Writing Exercise: Fancy Rides

Your character has some form of transportation. Maybe she walks, maybe she rides a horse, maybe she takes a horse and buggy or a royal carriage. Or, maybe she actually drives a car.

What are your main characters' dream rides? Choose their typical mode of transportation and offer them the fanciest version they could imagine. How do they react?

Norita found the pair of shoes under the bridge. Beautiful boots, with soles of sturdy, dark green leather that would withstand any amount of hiking. Traces of gold on the inside of the cuffs showed a soft fabric lining them, and scrollwork in the leather etched the impression of wings. Boots like these would last a lifetime, and were worth their weight in silver.

"No thanks," Norita shouted at the woods. Tossing the boots rudely back into their nook, she hmphed and tossed her hair. "Stupid elves," she muttered. "They're not catching me that easily."

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