Monday, September 30, 2013

Official Cover Reveal!

My novel Into the Tides has a cover!

Release scheduled for this winter or early next spring--details to come!
Tone-deaf Kelly considers her inborn music magic to be mostly useless--until her stopgap control over it gives her a clue on how to collapse the bubble of wild magic enveloping the American South and its millions of people, including all of her own family except her twin brother. The catch? To do so, she'll have to enter the magic herself. That's something neither her twin brother nor her kitchen-invading, green-eyed neighbor Derik will let her try alone, since failing means becoming one of the lost, and they're not about to lose her. Trying to save everyone might just cost her everything she has left.

This amazing cover was put together thanks to Samantha Collins and her incredible Photoshop skills.

(If you're looking for some Photoshop cover help of your own, you can inquire about rates at


  1. Digging the cover.

    I look forward to the book's release!


  2. Looks awesome! Good luck with the release!

  3. Nice cover! Good job, Samantha Collins.
    Looking forward to buying and reading it. :)