Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Extras: Sandra's interview

Sandra is one of the characters in Into the Tides, a middle-aged journalist who joins Kelly and her friends on their journey to rescue the people lost in the magic. Here's an article of hers that takes place a few weeks before Into the Tides begins.

From The Daily News, out of Madison, WI:

You may have heard the recent news that Lorren's Oil plans to begin drilling in Lake Mendota. But what does that mean for the local environment? After all the recent efforts to clean the lake, will the drilling pollute the waters?

Lorren's Oil representative Marsha Annister sat down with The Daily News' Sandra Collins for an interview with the paper and explained how they plan to prevent such disasters.

ANNISTER: Keeping the lake clean is our top priority. You know that oil companies have worked in recent years to improve safety and cleanliness. Lorren's stands out and above even the best-known giants. Our CEO, Aaron Surry, demands we implement every new technology. In addition, we incorporate high numbers of earth Powers into our staff, employing their magic to seek for structural weaknesses in our pipelines.

COLLINS: What led you to drill in Lake Mendota? Wisconsin's not known as a major oil-producing state.

ANNISTER:  With the loss of the Gulf of Mexico production, it's essential to utilize all our possibilities for production. The Michigan Basin is actually quite significant. While the larger corporations are focusing their efforts east and out west, we're tapping into the rich middle-US fields. Doing so is challenging, in part due to the fact that the Michigan Basin overlaps into Canadian territory, but we've worked out mutually beneficial agreements with their government.

COLLINS: What other benefits will Madison see thanks to the drilling platform opening?

ANNISTER: Cheaper gas, obviously. But also an economic boost. We're bringing hundreds, potentially thousands of jobs to the area, and as Madison's population expands exponentially, unemployment is a major threat. So anything that can get people working is a good thing.

COLLINS: Thanks, Marsha. We appreciate you bringing some light on these issues for us.

ANNISTER: You're quite welcome. That's what I'm here for, to help all the citizens of Madison know that Lorren's Oil is looking out for them.

COLLINS: Sandra Collins with The Daily News

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