Monday, March 10, 2014

What's your interest?

I'd like to make regular features on the blog besides the publishing news (That one I'm keeping!) Here's what I'm thinking. Which of these would you most like to see? Should I rotate? Days are flexible, too, if you'd prefer one be every week and another pair switch off.

Tea Mondays: Mondays specifically related to tea, such as a tea review or a great tea pairing.
Memory-lane Mondays: I share a memory, event, or other reflection from my own life (such as treasure boxes or the State Fair).

Book Wednesdays: Wednesdays would be for extras related to Into the Tides, such as excerpts, character interviews, or news snippets from Kelly's workplace, The Daily News.
Geekery: Wednesdays would be for posts on geek subjects, such as D&D and Firefly and video games.

Friday Writers: Every other Friday would be a post related to the craft of writing, such as grammar, how I make and develop worlds, etc.
Random Friday: Every non-news Friday would be a random ramble.
Smorgasbord: Random topics that don't fit anything in particular, or fit into one of the above that doesn't get chosen!

Today's Random Ramble:

Lucios used to sell cars before the cars sold him. Now he's the steed for a small rabbit named Hairless Cat, who rides him to the state fair every week. They're scheming to steal the dragonfruit from the dragon who controls the fair, but it's an arduous task since talking animals are always held in suspicion by dragonfruit hoarding dragons.

Lucios has therefore agreed to be the mole who'll retrieve the dragonfruit while Hairless Cat distracts the dragon. Hairless will be delivering knight pies (cooked in armor pie tins, because using aluminum is such an environmental waste when the armor can be re-used and is readily available), which will of course be considered suspicious. Meanwhile, Lucios will be hanging out with the other steeds in back, probably discussing his former life as a cars salesman (since such a large percentage of steeds used to be salesmen of some sort).

When the inevitable discovery of Hairless's treachery causes an uproar (did I forget to mention the knight meat is spiced with dragonsbane?), Lucios will sneak into the back as if trying to hide from the angry dragon and retrieve the dragonfruit. Hairless will, after ditching pursuit, meet him by the garbage bin out of town, and they'll bring the goods back here.

Any questions about the plan? Good. Now let's get cooking. Those knight pies won't bake themselves.

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