Monday, March 24, 2014

Tea review: Majestic Mango Black Tea

Island Essence: Majestic Mango

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

Black, loose-leaf

Fruity (mango); smooth black tea 
underneath mango 
Where I got it

A gift from my brother, but you can find it here.
The company's website is here.

8 oz for $16 or 1 lb for $30 
How I brewed it

Water brought up to 196 F with an electric kettle (with a temperature gauge). Poured over 2 tsp tea leaves in a strainer in a 6 cup teapot. Steeped apprx. 3 min (no timer). 
Rebrewing notes

Rebrews well for a second brew. The teapot is large enough that I've never made it to a 3rd brew, but the second brew is as smooth and full of flavor as the first. I did use slightly hotter water (200 F) for the second brew. 

This is now one of my favorite teas. It's an incredibly smooth black tea, mellow and sweet. The mango enhances the flavor, and while this tea didn't seem have any bitterness in it when we brewed it, I'm pretty sure that even if it did brew bitter the mango would mask it. But the mango also wasn't overwhelming; I could still taste the black tea. 

On the whole I'd just call it a high-quality, delicious black tea. On top of that, price-wise it's cheaper than most similar quality Teavana teas (most Teavana black teas $4-$12 for 2 oz; this tea is about $3.75 for 2 oz if you buy the large size--and if you like mango and you like black tea, that will go quickly). I definitely recommend this one.

(picture from the company website)

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