Monday, June 23, 2014


So this post might be a few minutes late, on account of me being on vacation and having walked a few miles the previous day and thus slept in late.

Yep, I'm in Disney, giving my roommate a few days of having the apartment to herself. And the cats. And her dog. And maybe the neighbors.

And yes, I'm having a great time. :)

Splash Mountain

I've even settled a small grudge by punching Gaston in the chin. Take that, interrupter of books.

So needless to say, Publishing News will go up next week instead, and this week's posts will be short and probably involve a humorous picture or two. Have a great week!


  1. Hey, come one's got a swell cleft in his chin, like Gaston :P

    We love Disney and even honeymooned there. Glad you're having fun!

    1. Lol! Indeed, no one cries quite like Gaston, either. ;) We are indeed having a lovely time--thanks!

  2. I love this photo! You show him!